Best Strains for Pain

Cannabis is often considered one of the safest natural alternatives to painkillers currently available to patients. With just a few puffs from the right strain, pain can melt away as a deep and relaxing full-body high begins to settle in. For those wondering which products to purchase during their next order from a California cannabis delivery service, our list covers some of the finest examples of cannabis for pain relief. 

Nab These Strains for Pains from a California Cannabis Delivery Service

Sunset Sherbet

Sunset Sherbet is a strain with a storied reputation, and for good reason. Beyond its delicious taste that often keeps cannabis consumers coming back for repeated purchases, Sunset Sherbet possesses potent indica genetics that imbues the strain’s high with a warm, tranquil glow that wraps the body like a comfortable blanket.

An all-around satisfying experience, Sunset Sherbet is an ideal strain for introducing to other cannabis enthusiasts, who are virtually guaranteed to be impressed by its flower’s pleasant scent and flavor. With batches typically testing above 18% THC on average, Sunset Sherbet is known to be quite a strong strain as well. 

OG Kush

There are few examples of cannabis more famous than OG Kush, with traces of OG Kush being discernible throughout the vast milieu of strains available on the market. The history of OG Kush dates all the way back to the 1990s, and the early days of cannabis cross-pollination and experimentation with genetic engineering. 

Nowadays, OG Kush can be ordered from almost any California cannabis delivery service, and since the dawn of recreational legalization, the strain has experienced a new era of recognition and esteem. As a heavy, indica-dominant hybrid, OG Kush is perfectly suited to combating chronic pain and discomfort.

24K Gold

A strain with a name like 24K Gold invites high expectations from the beginning, but this powerful flower lives up to the hype and holds its own among its peers. 24K Gold tests at around 20% THC, making just one draw of smoke capable of sending inexperienced cannabis consumers into a realm of euphoria. 

Created by blending together the popular Kosher Kush and Tangie strains, 24K Gold immediately makes its mark on the memory with a rich, earthy scent that carries with it the sensation of citrus and pine. Likewise, 24K Gold offers a smooth and easy burn that creates a plentiful amount of smoke. 

Birthday Cake

Undoubtedly a favorite among frequent consumers of cannabis, Birthday Cake is offered at a variety of California cannabis delivery services. Though the strain’s eye-catching name is the first thing that is typically remarked upon by those unfamiliar with Birthday Cake, the effects of this frosty indica-dominant hybrid are even more alluring.

A few minutes after smoking Birthday Cake, its enchanting body high begins to take effect, relieving the body of aches and pains. In a similar manner, Birthday Cake is also well-suited to tackling nerves, instilling a long-lasting sense of calm that stays with individuals throughout the day. The strain can often test at upwards of 20% THC content, so it’s important to go slow and heed caution during one’s encounter with Birthday Cake.