Best Strains for Pain

Cannabis is often considered one of the safest natural alternatives to painkillers currently available to patients. With just a few puffs from the right strain, pain can melt away as a deep and relaxing full-body high begins to settle in. For those wondering which products to purchase during their next order from a California cannabis delivery service, our list covers some of the finest examples of cannabis for pain relief. 

Nab These Strains for Pains from a California Cannabis Delivery Service

Sunset Sherbet

Sunset Sherbet is a strain with a storied reputation, and for good reason. Beyond its delicious taste that often keeps cannabis consumers coming back for repeated purchases, Sunset Sherbet possesses potent indica genetics that imbues the strain’s high with a warm, tranquil glow that wraps the body like a comfortable blanket.

An all-around satisfying experience, Sunset Sherbet is an ideal strain for introducing to other cannabis enthusiasts, who are virtually guaranteed to be impressed by its flower’s pleasant scent and flavor. With batches typically testing above 18% THC on average, Sunset Sherbet is known to be quite a strong strain as well. 

OG Kush

There are few examples of cannabis more famous than OG Kush, with traces of OG Kush being discernible throughout the vast milieu of strains available on the market. The history of OG Kush dates all the way back to the 1990s, and the early days of cannabis cross-pollination and experimentation with genetic engineering. 

Nowadays, OG Kush can be ordered from almost any California cannabis delivery service, and since the dawn of recreational legalization, the strain has experienced a new era of recognition and esteem. As a heavy, indica-dominant hybrid, OG Kush is perfectly suited to combating chronic pain and discomfort.

24K Gold

A strain with a name like 24K Gold invites high expectations from the beginning, but this powerful flower lives up to the hype and holds its own among its peers. 24K Gold tests at around 20% THC, making just one draw of smoke capable of sending inexperienced cannabis consumers into a realm of euphoria. 

Created by blending together the popular Kosher Kush and Tangie strains, 24K Gold immediately makes its mark on the memory with a rich, earthy scent that carries with it the sensation of citrus and pine. Likewise, 24K Gold offers a smooth and easy burn that creates a plentiful amount of smoke. 

Birthday Cake

Undoubtedly a favorite among frequent consumers of cannabis, Birthday Cake is offered at a variety of California cannabis delivery services. Though the strain’s eye-catching name is the first thing that is typically remarked upon by those unfamiliar with Birthday Cake, the effects of this frosty indica-dominant hybrid are even more alluring.

A few minutes after smoking Birthday Cake, its enchanting body high begins to take effect, relieving the body of aches and pains. In a similar manner, Birthday Cake is also well-suited to tackling nerves, instilling a long-lasting sense of calm that stays with individuals throughout the day. The strain can often test at upwards of 20% THC content, so it’s important to go slow and heed caution during one’s encounter with Birthday Cake. 

5 Simple Ways To Expand Your Marijuana Dispensary.

The legalization and decriminalization of cannabis have seen the emergence of a multitude of dispensaries all over the United States. In this regard, it is vital that we take the time to study the buying habits of marijuana users and ultimately find five sure ways to expand your marijuana dispensary.

1. Get rid of marijuana stigma.

Marijuana has long been associated with ‘stoners’ and their unsavory habits. This has led to the perception that college kids and lazy adults can only consume marijuana. What if we could find a way to get rid of this stigma? What if we could find a way to make marijuana consumers perceive a brand new self-image?

This is a challenge that can create tremendous growth as it will welcome back former users who had stopped consuming due to stigma and those who want to try the plant but feel restricted by social norms.

2. Edibles and refreshments in plenty.

Marijuana has long been consumed through rolling of small cigarettes called ‘joints.’ Unfortunately, not every consumer wants to smell like smoke all day. It is for this reason that all dispensary owners have to find more appealing ways of presenting marijuana to their consumers.

The average marijuana user would much prefer to consume their share of the plant as either a snack or a drink. This is a great way to expand your dispensary as it will increase the number of customers who would rather eat cookies, chocolates and drink milkshakes infused with marijuana.

3. Delivery.

It is no secret that millennials would rather have their shopping delivered to their doorstep than take the time to visit your dispensary. It is, for this reason, that majority of successful marijuana dispensaries have heavily invested in their seed to sale software and delivery systems.

This provides a great way of expanding your dispensary without incurring the heavy burden of increasing your brick and mortar location.

4. Fun activities.

There’s nothing as appealing as a dispensary where customers can take part in a host of fun activities. This can be achieved by merely adding a pool table or arcade console to your brick and mortar location.

Investing in fun activities is a cost-effective way to use your real estate. Don’t waste your precious space on a boring aesthetic. Marijuana use has always been a fun activity, don’t turn your dispensary into a library.

5.Social Media.

Millennials have a way of discovering a new and confusing social network every week. This makes most dispensary owners reluctant to experiment with social media promotion. In this regard, it is advisable that you find a way of filtering out the useless networks and focus on the platforms that help a business scale.

Don’t chase internet clout at the expense of the growth of your business.

These are five simple ways which can help any dispensary owner looking for a way to expand their business while still maintaining the integrity of their product. Hopefully, your dispensary will benefit from our analysis. Keep in touch we will surely find other innovative ways to sell marijuana.

Marijuana Dispensaries

Marijuana Dispensaries have grown all throughout the northwest. Some of the most successful dispensary shops are all throughout Washington, Colorado and California.  A Seattle dispensary we spoke with loves how many people they have been able to serve in their local community and business is booming! The industry as a while and seen an exponential amount of growth with no signs of slowing.

The people have demanded that marijuana become legal for recreational use and democracy has been served. An added benefit is the millions of tax dollars the city and states are able to collect and apply towards improving infrastructure and schools.

Marijuana has brought about so much good for the local economies of these states and it is exciting to see what the future holds as the industry continues to evolve.

More and more products are becoming available and medical researchers are discovering new ways by which marijuana can help those with major illnesses. For 2018 and beyond we will keep you posted on the latest upcoming legislation and industry changes.

Marketing your Marijuana Food Based Business

pot-foodMarketing plays an important role in any business. It often defines the success or failure of a company or organization. That is why having an effective strategy is a must. In the case of marijuana business where states and countries imposed different restrictions and limitations on its use, one should come out with a competent promotional technique for the marijuana brand to be well-known. This type of business faces different challenges amidst several laws and regulations of nations dealing with it. Here are some of the pointers you can use in marketing this kind of business.

• Identify your main market. It is important that you know your target client. You must not market marijuana aimlessly because chances are you will be in trouble if it is exposed to minors. That is why it is advisable to put age margin in your brand or your advertisements. You will save time, money and effort if you know your market in the first place. Building a strong connection with them is significant for your cannabis marketing to grow. Identifying is just the first part, the important phase is that you can keep your clients by giving them quality service and products, as well as leaving them satisfied.

• Have a catchy brand name or company tagline. One of the main purposes of marketing is to get the attention of the people, but how will you do it? Having a catchy brand for your marijuana business is very helpful to make the public try your product. You will not have customers with a non-sense brand or a company tagline that do not connect to your product and services being offered. You must remember that this serves as your first impression to your market, which is why it should draw immediately their attention. It should also remove the negative impression of a lot of people about the marijuana industry.

• Use the online marketing tool. The internet is a very effective marketing tool when it comes to your cannabis business. All you need to do is have a comprehensive and interactive website. A web page where the browsers find what they need as well as answer their inquiry about marijuana.

weed-cookiesYou can use the assistance of professional web designer to help you make an attractive site. There are a lot of internet users around the globe, which is why reaching the right clients by having proper domain and links to your pages is also very important. Maximize the use of internet in marketing your marijuana business, and you will surely enjoy several benefits along the way.

These are just some of the marketing tips when it comes to your cannabis business. Being a well-known brand is an edge over your competitors, but you should also remember that quality products and services are still what matter most. A satisfied client should be the main priority of your marijuana business. Make the cannabis industry grow by letting people know of its health benefits and making it clear why they should choose your brand.

What Foods Pair with Pot

What Foods Pair with Pot

It’s no secret that smoking pot leaves with a wicked case of the munchies.  Before you go out and grab a bag of Cheetos, an extra-large pizza and make a quick trip thru the drive thru at White Castle, there is something you need to know.  There are actually foods that will not only satisfy those munchies but actually enhance your high.  If you want to enhance the experience then read on and find out what foods pair with pot.


The next time you have the munchies you might want to pass on the potato chips and grab some nuts instead.  You can still get the salty crunchy food you love but it’s a wee bit healthier.  Not only that nuts are loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids that will bind with the cannabinoids in your body and help you get high that much faster and last a whole lot longer.  Nuts are far healthier and good for your cardiovascular system so it’s really win-win.


Okay, so for those of you that are using pot to manage pain try having a little broccoli before you spark up that next splif.  Broccoli has high levels of terpene that will bind with cannabinoids and that will help with issues like depression and inflammatory pain.  If you’re trying to manage conditions like arthritis then putting broccoli and pot together will do you a world of good.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are blessed with high levels of Vitamin B and E, these vitamins are responsible for the production of serotonin in the brain…the happy chemical.  Try sweet potatoes fries or chips instead of the regular potato chip variety.  It will satisfy your munchies, it’s better for your health and help deal with anxiety.


Mangoes work a little differently, first you don’t eat them when you get the munchies you eat them about an hour before you smoke.  Like the others on the list, mangoes will lengthen and strengthen your buzz.  The compound in mangoes and the compound in cannabis can bind together and help your high stick around longer.  There are a multitude of health benefits to be found in mangoes like antioxidants and they can help protect against some types of cancers.

While getting the munchies after smoking pot is really no big deal.  Gaining 20 pounds because you ate nothing but junk food is a big deal.


5 Tips to Make Cooking with Cannabis Easy

5 Tips to Make Cooking with Cannabis Easy

For people who use cannabis to manage pain they sometimes find it easier to ingest edibles as opposed to smoking it.  Cooking with cannabis takes a bit of practice if you want something to replace a joint.  While new recipes may require some trial and error you can do a little better than just brownies.  Here are 5 tips to make cooking with cannabis easy.

Find the Right Strain

Finding the right strain to use is the key to cooking with marijuana.  Even if the THC has been extracted and you have ground up the bud it still has a pretty strong flavor in your food…not always so tasty.  The right strain of good quality cannabis can make your dish.  If you want to reduce stress and relax, then try some Indica if you want more energy then try a different strain.  Always keep in mind the strain and the effects when you’re cooking.

Butter Substitute

If you’re baking then there’s a pretty good chance the recipe needs butter.  Instead of regular butter try using Cannabis Butter instead.  Cannabis Butter is simply butter with ground up cannabis infused in it, and it is something you can easily make yourself.  There is no fancy measuring to be done it is a straight up substitution of equal amounts of cannabis butter for regular butter.  Here is how to make cannabis butter.

Measure Twice

It’s normal to be hesitant when cooking with cannabis for the first time, you don’t want to waste the cannabis and get no benefit from it.  You want to play around with different recipes and the proportions; if you want a greater effect then you just need to add a little more cannabis to the recipe.

Pace Yourself

While gobbling back regular cookies or brownies you don’t really have to worry much about how fast or how many you eat.  Edibles are a bit different, your body needs time to react to the THC intake so nibble instead.

Try New Things

When people think of edibles, brownies are the first thing that comes to mind.  Yes, brownies are delicious that doesn’t have to be the only thing you ever make.  Once you get the hang of it you can make almost anything, test out some recipes with a friend…be brave. You won’t regret it.

Cooking with cannabis really isn’t that difficult and since it’s legalization for medical and recreational use in some states there are a whole bunch of sites online that offer recipes and methods of cooking that you can try.